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Innovation Drift 2017

Asking what Innovation Drift is about, is a lot like asking what the future is about: there is no singular answer, and there never should be! The international forum focuses on a wide variety of subjects, invites reputable speakers from the most diverse fields and attracts thousands of visitors interested in shaping their own future. 


Our sales and marketing director Bart Van Tigchelt spoke about the underestimated impact of color at Innovation Drift in Vilnius: the biggest high-level meeting in the Baltics where entrepreneurs, business and public policy decision makers, scientists and researchers discussed the state of innovation in Europe and beyond. 

Innovation Drift 2017

Connecting minds
is not merely sharing different ideas and concepts, it’s creating a wide-spread web of people who develop alongside each other. Science, business and the private sector should be the three pillars that, through continued dialogue, shape what our world looks like. After all, we share a common goal of a brighter future – and nothing can bring us closer to it than finding the right people. 


Bart explained how color continuously influences our private and professional lives. If color is the most important element in more than 85% of all the decisions we make, then why do we think color is just a matter of taste?

The world-wide patented Color Navigator System makes it possible to define a scientifically based color strategy for products, brands or companies, increasing creativity, productivity and sustainability.

Innovation Drift 2017

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