Don’t let Blue Monday get to you and enjoy the ultimate comfort food: these colorful modular chocolates called ComplementsA delicious treat for both the eyes and the tastebuds. 

Colorful collaboration 

Inspired by the complementary relationship with their clients, design agency Universal Favorite first conceptualized these little gems as an end-of-the-year gift for the people they work with. They collaborated with Bakedown Cakery to create modular staircase shapes, using 3D printing. 

Colorful modular chocolates

Unique combinations.

Undoubtedly delicious alone, the geometric forms have been specifically designed to interlock into a bite-size cube when combined with another flavor. The unexpected flavors are uniquely mouthwatering and greater than the sum of their parts. When 12 flavors were selected, it was time to decorate these little sculptures in an exuberant color palette and painterly finishes like airbrushing, dipping and marbling, to create a natural contrast to the geometric shapes. 

Colorful modular chocolates

Colorful modular chocolates

Colorful modular chocolatesAll images © Christopher Morris for Universal Favorite

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