05-Dec-2018 14:49:38

Breathing Color by Hella Jongerius

Our team visited the amazing exhibition by Dutch designer Hella Jongerius at the Design Museum in London. Jongerius does research on colors, textures and materialsAccording to Hella, all her questions are open-ended, and all her answers provisional, taking the form of finished and semi-finished products. Through this way of working, she does not only celebrate the value of the process, but also engages the user in her investigation. Her installation based exhibition takes a deeper look at the way colors behave, exploring shapes, materials, shadows and reflections.

Breathing Color


Breathing Colour was divided into separate spaces that simulated daylight conditions at specific times of the day – morning, noon and evening. These three phases explored the impact of changing daylight on our perception of color. Each installation included a series of three-dimensional objects as well as textiles, some of which are hand-woven while others are produced on industrial looms. 

Breathing ColorBreathing ColorBreathing ColorBreathing Color
Breathing ColorBreathing Color

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